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31.Marts 2017 07:58

vakarā pēc darba jāievērtē

31.Marts 2017 09:22

Bet kāpēc nevar download no blizzrd lapas pa taisno?

31.Marts 2017 09:33

This is exactly what was happening in my head when I first heard it from Emine. These two are both me. So don’t worry you’re safe. They just can’t suppress their inner excitement about this event. They don’t bite.

Blizzard updated the game and made it available for EVERYONE! This new free version of StarCraft comes with a new OpenGL backend, improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, improved anti-cheat capabilities, as well as installation and patching performance.

Do note that this is a PTR (Public Test Realm) version featuring a server based in California. So, if you are in a galaxy far far away… you may have some lag problems.

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