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Gaidām iespēju uzspēlēt ANTHEM alpha testa versijā (vēl 5h jāgaida).

THEM CLOSED ALPHA It's Almost Time to Play Soon, you will be able to play the Anthem™ Closed Alpha. Thank you for taking the time to participate! This Closed Alpha will include the opening solo missions where we will teach you the basics for javelin movement and combat. Your first visit to a limited content version of Fort Tarsis and your first multiplayer mission. From there, you'll be able to venture out into a portion of the world on your own or with friends in freeplay.

Please remember that everything in this Alpha is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. This means no posting, sharing, or streaming on social media or anywhere else.

Be aware that this is an Alpha. While you're having fun in your javelin, we'll be stressing the servers and looking for problems. This means the servers may go down without notice and you may see other stability issues.

Gameplay progress, achievements, characters, character data and/or any other value or status indicators achieved in the Anthem Closed Alpha will not transfer to the Anthem main game.

The Closed Alpha will run from:

Dec 8th: 9am-12pm CST, 2pm-5pm CST Dec 9th: 9am-12pm CST, 2pm-5pm CST

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