3-D Ultra Pinball (1995)

Dynamix, Inc. PC Action
  • IzstrādātājsDynamix, Inc.
  • IzdevējsSierra
  • ŽanriAction
  • Relīze31.Dec 1994

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The original 3-D Ultra Pinball game was released in 1995. This game is based on the space simulation game, Outpost. There are three tables named Colony, Command Post, and Mine. Each table holds a set of five challenges. Smaller "mini-tables" are featured with their own set of flippers. The goal is to build and launch a Starship completing the game's entire course.

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  • OperētājsistēmaWindows 3.x / Windows 95
  • ProcesorsN/A
  • RAMN/A
  • Cietais disksN/A
  • VideokarteN/A
  • SkaņaN/A