1953: KGB Unleashed (2013)

Phantomery Interactive PC Adventure
  • IzstrādātājsPhantomery Interactive
  • IzdevējsUnited Independent Entertainment GmbH
  • ŽanriAdventure
  • Relīze10.Jūl 2013

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Developed by Phantomery Interactive, 1953 – KGB Unleashed is a tense and atmospheric First Person Adventure set deep within the bowels of a Soviet bunker during the Cold War. Players must uncover the dark and horrifc secrets buried within, fighting their own paranoia along the way as well as the possibility of all-too-real terrors within the bunker. Are the voices emanating from all around you real, or just an hallucination resulting from your isolation? Will you manage to escape into the warm embrace of daylight, or will you be trapped within the foreboding menace of the bunker?