Alan Wake Remastered (2021)

Remedy Entertainment PC Adventure, Role-Playing, Horror
  • IzstrādātājsRemedy Entertainment
  • IzdevējsEpic Games
  • ŽanriAdventure, Role-Playing, Horror
  • Relīze5.Okt 2021 (pēc 1 nedēļas)

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Play as troubled author Alan Wake, who goes on a desperate search for his missing photographer wife, Alice. The sleepy Pacific Northwestern town of Bright Falls isn't what it seems. A malevolent presence lurks in the dark, and a horror story Alan doesn't remember writing is coming true.

Experience improved visuals, enhanced character models & richer environmental details in a remaster of Remedy Entertainment’s classic game. Alan Wake Remastered includes the main game and its two story expansions - The Signal and The Writer - with the complete experience rendered in all-new 4K visuals.